Oru neramengilum kaanathe song

Chakrasana is a very important yoga asana which is performed by almost every yogi daily.As we all know front bend is already gifted by birth,back bend flexibility is to be earned through daily practice.

The word Chakrasana comes from the sanskrit  word ‘chakra’ which means wheel.

The yogi almost looks like a wheel when he reach the final posture in Chakrasana.It can be very healpful for our entire body as our Backbone gets healthier as Chakrasana provides it a very good exercise.Chakrasana can be very useful to those who are forced to work for long hours by sitting continuously on a chair.Its their work schedules which makes their entire body weak but yoga asanas can be very useful to refresh their entire body along with their mind.Lets have a look at how it is performed.

Have a smile on your face and let’s start doing Chakrasan:

  • Lie down on your back freely on the floor.
  • Slowly bring both hands and legs closer to your body such that palms faces the ground.
  • Now by inhaling,slowly try to rise your body from the floor by supporting  with your palms and legs.
  • Press your palms firmly on the ground to rise your hips.
  • Spine should be rolled up in such a way that your body looks like a semi-circular wheel.
  • Try to straighten your palms and legs as much as possible as it add ups to its beauty and benefits.
  • Try to find a balance with normal breathing pattern.
  • Remain there for abour 15-20 seconds.
  • Slowly come back by bending your knees and slowly placing your spine back on the ground.

This asana can be very useful for your spine,kidneys,heart etc.No other exercises provides these much benefits as yoga asanas do.Therefore we seriously recommend all our readers to practice yoga asanas daily to find the best out of you and to lead a peaceful life.We need our health along with money as we all know its our health which can cause us to lose all our savings within few days.A lot of diseases are being discovered day by day which is a great threat to all human beings.This is the right time to have a look back to our ancient practices such as yoga,pranyama to keep ourself out from every disease causing agents in this polluted surrounding.Chakrasana is only one among millions of asanas which are developed by our ancient saints for our better living.Keep practicing yogasanas for better tomorrow.

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