Shavasana | Yoga Asana

It is the most important and beneficial asana.Shava means dead body.In this,a person lies like a shava and that’s how It appears to be most easiest asana but it is not so.Perfect shavasana is most difficult.In this,complete relaxation of muscles of the body is needed.Usually,everybody lies down motionless in sleep,but is not shavasana.

It provides yogic relaxation in short time.This asana provides complete rest to all body muscles of the body therefore when a yogi feels any body pain in his body,he/she prefer this asana to cure all body pain after a practice session.

Lie flat with hands a little far away from thighs(palms facing up).

Legs should not touch each other.

Head can be placed either to any side(left or right) or straight but don’t move it when you start relaxing your muscles as no movements are allowed in the final posture of shavasana.
Close your eyes,breathe very slowly,try to relax your each body parts completely.

Your leg fingers,knees,abdomen,hand fingers,elbow,shoulder,neck should rest completely.
Slowly keep all thoughts away from your mind to keep it clean for getting maximum relaxation.
Inhale deeply and slowly and now you achieve shavasana.
How to come back:
Slowly move your hand fingers,leg fingers,wrists.
Slowly bring your feet together.
Slowly stretch your body upwards by crossing your fingers on top of your head.
Rub your hands and place it on your eyes to feel the heat from rubbing your hands and also feel the complete darkness of your eyes.
Place your left hand on side of your right lungs.
Slowly turn to right side with head placed on your right hand.
Slowly raise from floor by inhaling.

This is very effective asana to have enough rest after a practice session and  is very important to all our body muscles.

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