Sharanagat Yogamudra | Yoga Asana

Sharan means ‘to surrender’.In the final posture of this asana,the yogi looks like he is surrendering himself to supreme god.Thus this asana is known as Sharanagat Yogamudra.In this asana,the spinal cord and the whole body is stretched forward which releases tensions in a human body.

This asana provides a perfect relaxation posture which makes a yogi fresh from all things around him.Usually this asana is performed at the end of a practice session.


Sit in vajrasana or in sukhasana to begin
Close your eyes and breathe deeply
Slowly raise your both hands above your head
Join your palms and stretch your body completely above your head
Bring your hands at your chest and let it be in namaskar mudra

By exhaling,bend down forward completely to touch the floor with your forehead
Palms should touch the floor by keeping it stretched out
Now you have a body in complete rest.
This asana can improve the front bend flexibility as whole body is stretched forward.Remain in the posture with normal breathing pattern.

How to comeback:

Slowly inhale and lift your upper body
By exhaling bring your hands back in the normal position that is,along the side of your body
You can keep your hands on your thighs


Improves flexibility of whole body
Create a sense of freshness in the whole body
Can be useful for daily workers to keep themselves out from stress,pains from our body.
Provides a good exercise for the backbone to make it more stronger there by makes our body fit.
Strengthens hand and leg muscles of our body.
This asana can also be done by sitting in padmasana.It requires more body flexibility as touching the floor with your forehead won’t be easy anymore but regular practice can guide you through all pains and hindrances.This asana can be practiced for about one or two minutes daily to get it out from all pains and tensions from our body.

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