Pashchimottanasana | Yoga Asana

Pashchimottanasana is a front bend posture where every body part from the hip is placed on the legs.The body is completely stretched forward in Pashchimottanasana.

For every human being,front bend flexibility in their body is gifted but to remain in Pashchimottanasana without any strain is not very easy as there can be enough pain on the yogis’s legs while practicing this asana.

This Pashchimottanasana is a compulsory asana that every participant should do in almost every Yoga competitions as Pashchimottanasana can be useful to judge a yogi’s body flexibility.Pashchimottanasana is one of the most important yoga asana.

Technique for doing Pashchimottanasana:

Sit on a mat with legs closer to each other and make your body straight to begin Pashchimottanasana.

Keep your fingers pointed to improve body posture of this asana when it reaches the final Pashchimottanasana posture.

Slowly raise both hands upwards and inhale deeply by crossing your fingers above your head.

By exhaling,stretch your body completely to catch your legs,make sure your stomach,chest touches your legs.
Stretch your body to its maximum with the help of your hands to reach Pashchimottanasana.
Keep your head on your knees and look forward,now body is completely stretched.
Hold your toes with your fingers and allow both elbows to remain on the floor to gain perfection of Pashchimottanasana.

Remain Pashchimottanasana with normal breathing pattern as no jerking of your body is needed.
Remain in Pashchimottanasana as long as you can without any strain in your body.

Coming Back from Pashchimottanasana:

Release your both hands
Slowly raise your body from your legs by inhaling deeply
Bring your arms back near your sides,palms on the floor
Breathe out and relax your body
Pashchimottanasana is not an easy asana that can be learned by one day.Every beginner should keep in mind the fact that his body is fresh and need some practice to remain in the perfect pashchimottanasana posture.Yogi can perform chakrasana,a back bend posture after practicing Pashchimottanasana to keep the body out from injuries.Practicing Pashchimottanasana daily can reduce excessive fat around the abdomen in human body and can also improve digestion,appetite in their body.Pashchimottanasana improves the overall flexibility of a human body.Pashchimottanasana can thereby improve overall flexibility of human body..Human body front bend is improved though this awesome asana-Pashchimottanasana.

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